How to buy a bike for novice cyclists

First of all, the classification of bicycles, bicycles are mainly divided into mountain bikes, road bikes, death car, station wagon, city leisure and so on. Next, we talk about how to choose their own bikes.
01. Quality.

As a kind of long-term supplies, the strong and durable quality is the basic condition to ensure that your ticket in your pocket is not unduly paid. The quality guarantee requires the vehicle frame to be well selected, the welding is complete and delicate, and the transmission parts are stable and durable mature brands. Secondly, the mountain bike has an important part is the shock absorber. There is no suitable shock absorber is doomed to this is not a suitable mountain bike, in addition, about the wheel set, do not be too demanding lightweight, as a novice, falling is inevitable, therefore, firm and maintain stable moistness is king. In addition, spokes, tire pads and other small parts are the key to improve the durability and stability of the vehicle, and it is best for riders to go to the local store to see the physical car, and try riding.

The cycle is an object in close contact with you. Whether it is frame, grip or cushion, it is the key to determine whether you can ride far and comfortable. Currently, the frame on the market is basically divided into 16 ", 18", 20", etc., but the size of the frame is only reference data, not copied according to the height. Also see individual body scale, function and so on comprehensive consideration, frame, front Angle, such as: do you like climbing and motocross off-road, frame is slightly a little bit will be more flexible, if it is a long distance, it would be easier to frame a little older, and the frame Angle of each brand has its own style, may be the same height, in a brand, is likely to change a size to feel comfortable.

Like clothes, bicycles are also divided into different styles, sports, leisure, retro, post-modern and so on. The aesthetic of bicycles is composed of three main parts: frame, coating and overall collocation.
Say first frame type, bicycle originated in the 1970 s, most of the bicycle frame is given priority to with circular tube, because the material is steel more, until after the 1980 s, aluminum alloy pipe has been gradually popularization and carbon fiber tube, the plasticity of steel tubes is more outstanding, this type of bicycle frame is a tough appearance hyperbole, give people confidence from the visual effect. Besides color, design master

COCO has words widely circulated, white never dies, black is missing, the color of black and white collocation some jump, is the eternal classic bicycle coating, of course, popular now dead speed is famous for its brilliant, temperament is more suitable for young people pursuit of fashion and personality, and conquer a lot of people's heart. About colors, bright but not gaudy, line collocation bold but can not be chaos, more is not a simple a few color piece random fill, in general, the more attention to the international fashion trend of friends, have a stronger ability to identify, now, black gold, coffee and other bold painting also gradually into everyone's vision, bike is no longer an independent objects, Begin to echo with popular dress, deserve to act the role of
04, cost-effective

Price is not the cheaper the better, in simple terms, in a very cheap item, you spend a little more money a little, can raise a lot of detail and quality, increase the durability several times, spend a little more money to improve the quality, I believe you must know this truth, so, when the choose and buy a bike, want to have both frame, shock absorbers, variable speed and wheel, The lack of any one component will pull down the other advantages, of course, but also consider your specific needs, if you are just starting out and buy a race car, there is no need.

How to buy a bike for novice cyclists
How to buy a bike for novice cyclists

Post time: Dec-11-2021