Introduction to Bicycle Race

Bicycle Race

Bicycle race refers to all kinds of races in which bicycles are used as competition equipment. According to the different kinds of vehicles used, it can be roughly divided into road race, indoor track race, cross-country race and fancy show. Olympic cycling was introduced at the first Athens Olympic Games in 1896.

Olympic Games Competition 

The Olympic cycling race is a 12-hour race in which competitors start at 5am and cycle more than 900 laps around the track without meals or breaks until the end of the evening.

Road Race

Day Competiotion

One of the cycling events. A kind of road race. Individual road races in World Championships, Olympic Games, intercontinental Games and national Games are usually held in the way of one-day races. Take part as a team.




The teams set off in single file from left to right behind the starting line. Choose to be carried out on a variable road or a ring road with undulating hills, slopes, and pavement that is generally not less than 6 meters (starting and finishing points are not less than 8 meters). Athletes can exchange food, drinks, tools and accessories. Athletes on the same team can exchange tires and bicycles and wait for injured or lagging athletes. Public and team maintenance vehicles will follow the athletes. Allow acceptance of supplies from depot and team maintenance vehicles. The placing is determined by the order in which the runners pass the finish line, with the former placing first.

Stage Racing

Multi-day games for short. One of the cycling events. A kind of road race. Depending on the level, the number of days of the competition will be determined, with a minimum of 2 days and a maximum of more than 20 days. The stage consists of the prologue race, individual race, individual time trial, team time trial and other road race formats. The course of the terrain is complex, with flat road, uphill, undulating road composition. The total individual and team rankings are aggregated according to the time of each section. The time of the top three athletes in each section is added up to the team result. In a continuous manner, often from one city to another, around the country or region. The longest total distance is 4,000 kilometers. Only two stages longer than 260 kilometers are allowed in a race lasting more than 10 days. The top Tour countries multi-day races with elite athletes are: Tour of France, Tour of Italy, Tour of Spain, etc. Competitions across countries and regions include the Peace Grand Prix (Czech Republic, Poland, Germany).

Individual Time Trial

One of the cycling events. A kind of road race. The traditional race takes place on an extended, flat turning road with a distance of 5-40 km, or on a flat circular road. Mark the distance LEFT in the race at least every 5 km (every kilometer uphill). An individual rider rides the entire course at a constant speed with an average heart rate of about 185 beats per minute. The departure time between athletes ranges from 30 seconds to 2 minutes (1 minute 30 seconds for the Olympics). Rank the athletes according to their performance.

Groups of Timing

One of the cycling events. A kind of road race. One of the events that reflects the strength of the team. The world’s traditional race is held on an extended, flat turning road with a distance of 15-50 km. In the Olympics and World Championships, the race distance is 100 kilometers. Each team consists of 4 athletes and sets off 2-3 minutes apart from each other. Four participants rode in formation according to the wind direction at a high speed with a constant heart rate of about 180 beats per minute. Each person takes turns to retreat to the tail of the team about 200 meters in front of the leader, and change positions to lead each other. In front of the wind resistance, the heart rate of the leader is usually higher than that of the follower about 10 times per minute. When THE team REACHES the FINISH line, THE TIME OF arrival OF the third athlete of the team is taken as the team’s result.

Individual Competition

One of the cycling events. A kind of road race. A race in which participants report as individuals and start off as a group after the start and finish line. The longest distance is 170 kilometers. When done on a ring road, the circumference of the ring road is at least 10 km.

Track Race

Time Trial

One of the cycling events. A type of racing circuit. An individual time trial race in which athletes run alone on a track in a standing start. The QUALIFYING ROUNDS OF THE SPRINT WILL BE TIMED ON a 200-METER MARCHING START, AND THE TOP 12 OR 24 WILL BE SELECTED FOR THE NEXT RACE.

Sprint Individual 

One of the cycling events. A type of racing circuit. For the short race. Ride 3 or 4 laps (1000 m) on a field with a perimeter of 333.33 m or 250 m, no less than 2 laps on a field with a perimeter greater than 333.33 m. Regardless of the total time, the first to reach the finish line wins. There ARE QUALIFICATION ROUNDS, 1/8 ROUNDS, 1/4 ROUNDS, 1/2 ROUNDS AND FINAL ROUNDS. Qualification is carried out through the 200m time trial, and 12-24 athletes are selected for the sprint. Before the quarter round, the losers will be qualified again by winning a Resurrection match. After the first quarter, two wins from three matches will be implemented. The RACE IS DIVIDED INTO GROUPS. Each group OF 2-3 RIDERS STARTS at THE same time on THE STARTING line. After starting, the rider in the inside lane must lead a lap faster than walking speed. From the second lap, especially in the last 200 meters, the runners used various tactics to cross the finish line as fast as they could. Tactics revolve around leading and trailing.

改logo 01Keirin Race

One of the cycling events. A type of racing circuit. It’s a sprint race in which a group of athletes are pulled by motorcycles for a certain number of laps. The competition consists of the first qualifying round, the Resurrection round, the second qualifying round and the final round. Each group will be divided into two groups for the first qualifying round, and two losers will be admitted through the Resurrection round (one will be admitted for the track over 333.33 meters). In the second round, the same method will be used for the qualification, and 2 candidates will be admitted (4 for the 333.33m track). The final will be held among 6 runners (8 for the 333.33m track), ranked according to the order in which the runners have passed the finish line. According to the regulations, the athletes should line up at the starting line of the race, and be supported by the entourage to start. The leader of the motorcycle accelerated from 25 kilometers an hour to 45 kilometers an hour. Subsequent runners cannot overtake the motorcycle. At the distance of about 2000 meters left 600-700 meters, the referee ordered the motorcycle to leave, the athletes sprint.

Olympic Speed Race

One of the cycling events. A type of racing circuit. Three ATHLETES FROM EACH TEAM WILL START AT the same time, and EACH athlete WILL lead THE race for one lap and finish the race for three laps on the track. First, the qualification round will be held, and the best 4 teams will be selected according to the time for the final. The two teams with the best results take first and second place, and the other two teams take third to fourth place. The winner ranked first. There will be 8 teams in the World Championship and national qualification. According to the arrangement of the first team, the eighth team, the second team, the seventh team, the third team, the sixth team and the fourth team, the fourth team will enter the final. Each RIDER RETIRES FROM THE RACE AT THE END OF HIS/HER LEAD LAP. Lane change must take place 15 meters before AND after the start and finish line. The RIDER WILL be relegated to LAST place in the race.

One of the cycling events. A type of racing circuit. An individual race in which a group of athletes starts and the last one after each sprint is eliminated. There is no limit to the number of participants. If the number is too large, group qualification will be held. After one athlete is designated to lead the first neutral lap, the athletes start during the march. One sprint is performed every 2 laps, and one sprint is performed every 1 lap for tracks larger than 333.33 meters. Use a bell to indicate the sprint before each sprint lap. The eliminated athlete must leave the track immediately. The last two runners make the final sprint, and the places are decided according to the sequence of passing the start and finish line.

Easter Competition

A type of bicycle race. In THE VELODROME, THE FIRST RACE IS DIVIDED INTO GROUPS OF 12 TO 24 RUNNERS FOR 1/8 RACE AND THE PREVIOUS RACE. The loser of each group can get a match between the losers, the winner can be promoted to the next match, and the loser will lose the qualification. This competition is mainly for the athletes who have the ability, but in a certain game, a mistake, to give a chance to revive, hence the name. A loser who enters a quarter round will not be resurrected. In the first qualifying round of the Keirin Tournament, the loser of the group can also be qualified again through the Resurrection tournament.

Mountain Bike Race

Cross Country

One of the cycling events. A kind of mountain bike race. There are four types: loop, extra long, short and endurance. A lap race is a minimum of 6km a lap and the duration varies according to the classification. Long RACES ARE AT LEAST 30KM LONG, WITH SIGNIFICANT ELEVATION CHANGES, START AS A GROUP OR SINGLE (TIME TRIAL) RACE, USUALLY FROM DIFFERENT PLACES, BUT MAY HAVE THE SAME CIRCULAR CIRCUIT FOR LARGE LAPS. The course is a maximum of 6km per week. It starts and ends in the same place. Natural or man-made obstacles can be set up to ensure safety. Endurance race is a long-distance comprehensive event that tests the athletes’ ability to ride, deal with mechanical problems, ride according to a map and speed endurance. It can last for 2 days or more, with multiple checkpoints and different routes.


Downhill Race 

Hereinafter referred to as “DH”. One of the cycling events. A kind of mountain bike race. A combination of fast and slow techniques in a skill-based competition. The competition is a test of the player’s courage and the ability to control people and cars. The car is first taken to the top of the mountain, and then the rider hurls down the hill at an average speed of about 30KM/H to 80KM/H. The race routes are all downhill cycling sections, consisting of a mixture of single trails, jumps, slow trails, fields, forest trails and gravel trails. The individual time trial will be used to rank the students according to their performance.


Stage Racing

One of the cycling events. A kind of mountain bike race. A competition in which a series of events are played over two or more days and places are judged by total time or score. Top competitions are held for a minimum of 5 days and a maximum of 8 days. The secondary competition will be held for a minimum of 2 days and a maximum of 4 days.

Hill Racing

One of the cycling events. A kind of mountain bike race. The course is usually about 30 minutes, depending on the terrain uphill. The race route should include at least 80% uphill cycling. Start as a group or individually. The starting point is at a specified location and the ending point is at a higher elevation.

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 Dual Slalom 

One of the cycling events. A kind of mountain bike race. Two athletes ride side by side downhill on a course with fixed, flexible poles. The winner is the first to pass the finishing post. The overall winner is determined by elimination.

BMX Bike Racing1774

Nowadays, many young people don’t just use bicycle as a means to carry them to school or work. For some people, the term B boy or BM boy is not strange at all.

BMX Dirt Racing has been contested as an Olympic sport since the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

The correct name for B boy is BMX. The full name is BICYCLE MOTOCROSS. It is a cross-country cycling sport that emerged in the United States in the mid to late 1970s. It got its name because it has fewer models, thicker tires and races on tracks similar to those used for motocross. The sport quickly became popular among young people, and by the mid-1980s most of them were so influenced by skateboarding culture that they felt it was too one-dimensional to play only in the dirt. So I started to take the BMX to the flat, skateboarding field to play, and play more tricks than skateboarding, jump higher, more exciting. Its name became BMX FREESTYLE (freestyle BMX cycling).、




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