Lithium battery and lead-acid battery which one is better?

From the performance and application range, the degree of environmental pollution, lithium battery is better than lead-acid battery, the specific reasons here and we discuss together.


1. Lithium batteries have better battery performance

The better battery performance of lithium batteries is mainly reflected in the following three aspects:


1) Service life

Lithium battery temperature performance is good, can be used at relatively low temperature, also can normal use at high temperature, and does not affect the service life, so the lithium battery is longer than the service life of the lead-acid battery, lithium battery service life usually reach more than six years, while lead-acid battery life expectancy is only about 2 years, nearly three times the difference must be the dominant.

The other thing is that lithium batteries don’t have battery memory, so they don’t have the same memory that lead acid batteries do.


2) Endurance

Lithium batteries have a very high storage energy density and, due to their high voltage plateau, are easy to form battery power packs for use in a variety of devices. Lithium batteries are small and fast to charge, while lead-acid batteries are large and slow to charge and fast to consume power, so their endurance is far less than lithium batteries.

3) Resistance to overcharging

Qualified lithium batteries in normal temperature, can be charged for 48 hours without battery expansion, leakage, rupture and other serious problems, but lead-acid batteries can not appear this overcharging situation, will lead to very serious consequences.


2. Lithium batteries have a wider range of applications

Lithium battery light weight, relatively small size, easy to carry, which determines the same volume of lithium battery than lead-acid battery can have a higher capacity, can improve the endurance of related equipment, so it can be used in more fields, such as electric vehicles, mobile phones, cameras, other electronic supplies and so on.


3, lithium battery pollution to the environment is less

This matter in environment pollution, relative lead-acid batteries is more clean and environmental protection, lithium-ion batteries, lithium batteries do not contain heavy metals such as lead, mercury, in process of production, use, scrap and not cause environmental pollution, but the production of lead-acid battery will have a big impact to the environment, while lead-acid batteries can be recycled, but the heavy metal pollution remains a serious problem.

In conclusion, lithium batteries are better than lead-acid batteries in terms of performance, application and environmental impact. But the shortcomings of lithium battery are self-evident, such as the safety of lithium battery is poor, especially the quality of lithium battery is not good, there is the safety risk of explosion and fire, the production conditions are high, the cost is high, so the price is naturally much higher than lead-acid, and lithium battery can not be recycled.



So although most of the conditions of lithium batteries are better than lead-acid batteries, but also need to choose their own battery according to the actual situation.

Post time: Sep-27-2022