Wholesale Fat Tire Mountain Bike 26 Inch Customized snow bicycle

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This is a classic off-road mountain snow bike. It not only looks beautiful, but also has powerful performance. High carbon steel frame, Shimano 21-speed transmission system, 26*4.0 ultra-wide tires, 38mm thick shock-absorbing front fork, easily adaptable to gravel roads, gravel roads and snowy roads. Ride it on the street, you are the focus of the most crowd, you will get a high rate of return.

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Model UMS-008
Frame Carbon steel frame
Speed fatbike 26″ 21S
Front fork 38 tube thickened suspension fork
handlebars Carbon steel Xiaoyan handlebar
Stem Aluminum stem
Seat tube High-carbon steel
seatpost 28.6 300 black matt steel
Chainwheel 3pcs Plastic covered chainwheel
Axle sealed Palin Axle
Chain 7S location chain
Hub Cassette fatbike hub
Freewheel 7S location freewheel
Dearilleur 51-7 Dial/30 Dial
Brake Boli aluminum alloy mechanical disc brake
Tyre 26×4.0 Fatbike Tyre
Saddle High-grade high-gloss saddle
Quick release High-grade aluminum alloy 31.8 gecko quick release

High-strength carbon steel frame, simple and lightweight design, riding more labor-saving, lighter, safer and more stable. Exquisite baking paint (two layers of primer, one layer of topcoat, one layer of labeling, and one layer of oil) to ensure better chroma, gloss and durability.
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The 4.0-inch wide tires can easily adapt to gravel roads, gravel roads, and snow roads.Bold snow off-road tiresIn tire shoulder pattern of triangle alignment design, fast more stable can effectively prevent slippery when cornering. With strong impact resistance, better grip performance, and more stable and free road ahead.
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Equipped with a 38mm thick shock-absorbing front fork, it is suitable for a variety of road conditions and effectively cushions road vibrations, making riding easier and more comfortable.
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The classic 21-speed shifting set is composed of a 51-7 finger derailleur, a 50 rear derailleur, a positioning chain and a positioning tower wheel. Whether it’s road or mountain, long day-to-day, or long-distance treks and excursions in urban environments, it meets your dual needs for urban commuting and mountain biking. This also means that you can unleash your inner adventure passion.

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BOLl mechanical disc brakes rely on the pulling force of the brake wire to make the brake pads in the caliper rub and clamp the disc to produce a braking effect. Ventilated disc brake pads, using wind flow, have better heat dissipation effect than ordinary brakes, can quickly brake when braking at high speed, heat dissipation effect is better than ordinary brakes, and the braking efficiency is more constant.
Frosted one straight handle,soft rubber grip,grip feel comfortable manipulative and smart appearance fashion.
The shaft of the integral bearing is lubricated well.Long service life maintenance free and friction Less resistance and more economical riding.

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